Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Sunday

This morning the boys had their first official cooking lesson. We are using the Future Christian Homemakers Handbook for a curriculum. It was not my first choice, but as it is free, it will do for now. Both boys did really well and enjoyed themselves. They made French toast and scrambled eggs. D doesn't like either, so I got to eat his.

After breakfast, the boys practiced their typing and read for about half an hour. Later that afternoon, we went over to Weymouth Woods for our weekly presentation. This week's topic was hummingbirds. The presentation was quite interesting and we learned a lot. Among the things we learned was the fact that it is actually a good thing to leave your hummingbird feeder out all winter. Apparently, while our native hummingbirds are heading south, northern hummingbirds are arriving here to spend the winter. We also learned that it is thought that albino hummingbirds are always female.

Afterward, we all went outside to watch hummingbirds be trapped, examined and banded. Since the boys and I had already done this earlier in the week, Big B got a turn at releasing one. In the picture above, the very blurry hummingbird can be seen flying from his hand. It almost blends in with the pictures of hummingbirds on the wildlife biologist's shirt.

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