Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feathers and Fur

This morning, we headed over to Weymouth Woods for the hummingbird banding again. There were more people than hummingbirds today, so neither boy got to hold any. While we were there, I saw a flier for a Birding Basics class for kids later in the morning. I asked about it and discovered that no children had enrolled. So, the boys had a private class. They discussed different types of birds commonly found in our area, heard a little folklore about owls and vultures, looked at mounted birds, and then headed outside for a little bird watching.

After Weymouth Woods, we went over to the Taxidermy Hall of Fame of North Carolina/Antique Tool Museum/Creation Museum. Basically, it features a lot of mounted animals, tools, and miscellaneous oddities with religious signs and bumper stickers posted throughout. The boys had a good time and were really fascinated with all of the albino animals on display.

This evening, they went to Bible School. I got there a little early to pick them up, and so I peeked through the window to watch their class finish up with their craft. There were 11 kids and 8 of them were boys. They were decorating milk carton megaphones. It was funny watching the boys. They seemed to all pair up at the same time, with one boy in each pair putting his megaphone to his ear like a funnel and the other boy putting his right up against it and talking in it. Then about half of the boys put them on their heads like hats, while the other half began using them to look through. Then they all seemed to catch sight of each other and the megaphones on the heads immediately went to eyes and the ones at eyes went on heads.
After Bible School, the boys were excited to see that Big B was home and now they are all watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show on TV together.

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