Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Better Than Yesterday

Today was much better than yesterday. The boys worked on math, critical thinking, dictionary skills, geography and science. Then they played with Lego's until supper time. Afterward, we went to D's baseball game. It started late because of a storm and then it was stopped halfway through because of another storm. Driving home was quite an adventure as there was water pooled on the road in several places and tree limbs on the road. We saw two trees that had fallen along the side of the road. We came upon either a small tree or a huge limb that was laying across both lanes of the road. I had to drive on the opposite shoulder to get around it.

We managed to get to the church in time for the last hour of Bible School. I'm glad that we did because there was a religious magic show. The boys really liked it although they did take issue with the preacher/magician using the word stupid so many times. After Bible School, we came home and had a snack and settled in to enjoy a little TV.

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