Monday, August 31, 2009

The last few days have been fairly uneventful. I had a bad migraine Friday, but the boys were determined to salvage the day. They took it upon themselves to do math and geography. Then they filled the rest of the day with educational shows, board games and Lego's.

We spent most of Saturday catching up on chores and watching a movie.

Sunday, we made our weekly journey to Weymouth Woods. This week we learned about woodpeckers. We divided into groups to identify and learn about different specimen, using study skins and field guides. Study skins are stuffed specimen with no eyes. The no eye thing really creeps me out and I dislike holding them. Anyway, our team's specimen was a male red-bellied woodpecker. We learned that they eat insect larvae, ants, beetles, crickets, flies, acorns, pinenuts, berries, fruit (including oranges), and sap from sap wells made by yellow-bellied sap suckers. We also learned that they store food and that their call is similar to that of a tree toad. We did not learn what tree toads are. Afterward, we took a short hike to see some of the holes of a family of red cockaded woodpeckers. We learned that the red cockaded woodpecker will only build their holes in old, live long leaf pines. It takes around six years to complete a hole and each bird sleeps in its own hole. They bore small holes in the trees so that sap runs down them making it harder for predators to get to them. They do not kill the trees that they live in. They live and forage for food in family groups.

After Weymouth Woods, we ran a few errands and then the boys played with the neighbor children.

Today, we did spelling, math, geography and science. We spent the rest of the day watching TV and playing Lego's.

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