Thursday, August 27, 2009

We have seen this toad hanging around our backyard all summer. This week it has decided it likes hanging out on the deck with the dogs. Yesterday we found it sitting in a bowl of water, and tonight it was sitting on the top step with one of the dogs.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much the same. We did a bit of school -spelling, math, geography, critical thinking and drawing. Then the boys played with the neighbor children while I did a bit of housework. We ended each day with a bit of reading and a movie.

Wednesday, I took the boys to the lake for a few hours and then we ran a few errands. The boys bought a new Lego set and began building it as soon as we got home. Then it was time to hit the books. We did the same subjects as we had on the previous two days. Afterward, the boys went to the neighbors' house to play.

Today, was a repeat of Monday and Tuesday, except for the playing with the neighbors. Instead, the boys stayed home and played with Lego's and did a little cleaning.

We haven't done as much reading lately as I would like, but we did read a little. B read Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom and started BABYMOUSE Dragonslayer. D started Fred and Anthony and the Demented Super-Degerm-O Zombie. We just started reading the first Hank the Cowdog book together. I am currently reading The Chocolate Cat Caper by Joanna Carl.

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