Friday, September 25, 2009

The boys and I went to the library Thursday for a couple of hours and then spent most of the remainder of the day looking through the books we checked out.
Friday we did quite a bit of spelling and math and then the boys finished the tops of the quilted table runners that they started back in the summer. It went so quickly that I felt really guilty about letting them put it off for so long. After supper, Big B and I took the boys to Weymouth Woods for a night hike. We had been looking forward to it all week long and were hoping to get to see and hear some nocturnal animals. Instead, we got to see and hear some very unruly children and their just as inconsiderate parents. There were two other families on the hike and I have no idea why they even bothered going. They were talking loudly and shining their lights up in the trees. All of the local wildlife had plenty of advance warning and were able to make themselves scarce before we got anywhere near them. It was really disappointing.

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