Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We went to Weymouth Woods Sunday for a program about plants as food sources for animals. We learned about the different things that different types of animals eat. I was very surprised to find out how popular acorns are as a food source. I usually only associate them with squirrels. After the program, we went on a hike to see some of these foods firsthand. It was really interesting and a lot of fun. When we got home, the boys worked on their sewing project.

Monday, we worked on spelling, math, writing, American history, science, typing and sewing. After dinner, the boys had football practice. Then we went to their first ever Cub Scout meeting.
On Tuesday, we focused on just spelling and math for a couple of hours and then I had to take B to get an MRI. My mother went with us, and afterward we went to lunch and ran a few errands. That night, D went off with his grandparents while B tried his hand at selling popcorn.
Today, we ran errands with my mother and then we we went to D's first hockey practice of the season.

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