Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally back

This blog has been a long time coming. The computer has been tied up every night for over a week, so I have not been able to blog in some time. So, here it goes.
On Wednesday, the 9th, we did spelling, math, geography, and science. We spent the rest of the day playing and doing a little housework
On Thursday, D had a doctor's appointment which evolved into going to the hospital for chest x-rays. When we got home, the boys played and visited with the neighbors.
Friday morning, both boys had dentist appointments and then we went to the park for a lunch and play date with one of our homeschool groups. Then we went to a "Movie in the Park" and had a picnic dinner and watched Cars.
Saturday morning, we went to Lowe's for the Build and Grow clinic where the boys made drums. Afterward, I took them shopping and then it was time for another lunch and play date in a different park with the same group.
On Sunday, we skipped Weymouth Woods so that the boys could watch football and hang out with Big B before he went to work. I took advantage of all that male bonding and managed to get in a nice long nap.
Monday morning, the boys and I visited with another homeschool family. Afterward, the boys did spelling, math and science.
On Tuesday, we did more spelling, math and science. The boys spent most of the remaining day playing on the computer.
We were up super early Wednesday morning and headed out at 3:30AM for the bus stop to pick up Big B. We came home and went back to bed, but we were all exhausted for the remainder of the day and didn't really get anything done.
B had a doctor's appointment Thursday morning and then we ran errands. We then had another lunch and play date at yet another park with the same group. That evening, we went to a pizza party for D's baseball team.

I had a meeting Friday morning and D went off to run errands with his grandpa, so the two B's got to spend some time hanging out together.
Both boys had football practice Saturday morning. Afterward, Big B went to a football game with two of his brothers while B and D went off to play with the neighbors and visit with their grandparents. Afterward, we all took turns playing on the computer.

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